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Campus Management launches Retention360 for higher education

Cloud-based service to monitor student behavior in effort to drive improved engagement and increase retention

Campus Management Corp., a provider of enterprise software solutions and services for higher education, has released Retention360™, powered by CampusNexus, an innovative Retention-as-a-Service (RaaS) offering.

The subscription-based student success solution combines the power of a cloud-based predictive engine with the high-touch services of subject-matter experts on retention strategies, communications and student success activities.

“More than ever, today’s institutions are compelled to deliver superior retention and successful student outcomes,” said Jim Milton, CEO of Campus Management. “To address this challenge, we preconfigured CampusNexus CRM’s highly acclaimed retention functionality to operate in lock-step with an institution’s existing tools, thereby merging the collective knowledge of an institution with the individualized goals for students and establishing individual communications plans to ensure students remain on track. We believe that proactive engagement and intervention strategies will allow institutions to engage students before they disengage.”

Based on best practices and detailed student profiles, Retention360 monitors a student’s progress toward completion of his or her course of study, including benchmarks for academic performance, social involvement, financial status and career readiness.

Through an artificial intelligence persona, identified as RENEE (Retain, Engage, Notify and Enablement Engine), intervention strategies are launched that include specific calls to action supported by cross-channel messages. RENEE automatically sends alerts and messages to students — on their preferred communication channel and device — to provide guidance based on engagement goals and other factors measuring the impact of each institution’s student success efforts. Retention360 enables institutions to monitor and guide students from enrollment through graduation, by collecting and monitoring information in one place, eliminating silos.

Retention360 includes a rapid deployment model, with configuration, hosting and ongoing maintenance provided by Campus Management.


Laura Ascione