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Community college boosts IT security measures

Bristol Community College implements end-to-end IT security threat detection and prevention

Bristol Community College has implemented SOCVue hybrid SaaS security service from EiQ Networks, a provider of hybrid SaaS security and continuous security intelligence services.

As a learning resource for education and workforce development in southeastern Massachusetts, Bristol Community College (BCC) provides programs with a strong foundation in liberal arts and sciences and an emphasis on practical, employment-oriented education in allied health, engineering and technology, and business. BCC also offers comprehensive developmental education and adult literacy services in a learner-centered, supportive community.

Bristol Community College will use EiQ’s SOCVue Security Monitoring as a key component in its information security framework. BCC selected EiQ’s SOCVue to provide 24x7x365 security monitoring and incident analysis of its most critical assets. EiQ Networks was chosen because its innovative model allows affordable access to a full suite of SIEM resources, capabilities, and expertise.

“It’s a terrific solution for us,” said Steven Frechette, Information Security Officer, Bristol Community College. “EiQ allows us to gain the full visibility we need into our network at a very attractive price point.”

“EiQ’s hybrid SaaS model really works for us,” said Shawn Tivnan, Assistant Director, Web Services and Technology Training, Bristol Community College. “We needed a SIEM tool that would protect our infrastructure and the expertise to understand the information that comes out of it. With the EiQ solution, you get both in a single package.”

“EiQ is thrilled to be working with Bristol Community College,” said Vijay Basani, Chairman, President, and CEO, EiQ Networks. “Providing BCC with the critical cybersecurity services they need to protect what they value the most is why we got into this business in the first place.”

About SOCVue, EiQ Networks’ Hybrid SaaS Security Service
SOCVue is the only subscription SaaS service that combines people, process, and technology to deliver a cost-effective information security program, including:
· Co-managed SIEM & Log Management
· Continuous Vulnerability Management
· 24x7x365 Security Monitoring by Trained EiQ SOC Security Analysts
· Proactive and Continuous Critical Security Controls Auditing
· Incident Analysis, Notification, and Remediation Guidance
· Compliance Reporting

More information on EiQ Networks’ SOCVue pricing, starter packages, and features is available at:

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