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Innovative course evaluation system expands nationwide

A course evaluation framework developed at the University of Toronto will be licensed globally

A course evaluation framework developed and tested for a number of years at the University of Toronto (U of T) will be made available to educators across the globe.

Montreal-based eXplorance, a provider of software solutions that support learning, will be licensing evalUT, the university’s course evaluation framework. eXplorance said it intends to make the framework commercially available to the global education market.

The product of years of data-driven research at U of T’s Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation, evalUT includes a set of validated questions that enable students to provide feedback to their instructors.

But its developers say it goes beyond that, taking into consideration teaching and learning priorities across divisions and departments, focusing on continuous, evidence-based improvement and regularly taking into account new and emerging priorities.

When students were surveyed about their perceptions of their experiences with the new course evaluation framework and system at U of T, their comments included that it provides a seamless, easy way to give their instructors important feedback.

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Laura Ascione

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