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STEM news site for students launches

Organizations are invited to submit their STEM news for student consumption

Science and Technology Research News (STRN), a site posting news with discoveries from researchers around the world, has been created for STEM students and faculty.

Designed specifically for those students interested in pursuing science or technology careers, STRN’s objective is to help students stay on top of the latest developments in of their area of study.

“We gather news from the research community to help students stay up-to-date on the latest discoveries and developments going on all around the world,” said publisher, Ray Rasmussen. “We sort through hundreds of news items everyday from great research universities like: MIT, Caltech, Cal Berkeley, Stanford, UCL, Hokkaido, Twente, McGill, KAIST, along with hundreds more. In addition, we gather news from dozens of government research labs in the U.S., Europe and Asia along with items from innovative companies like IBM, Google and Siemens.

For students choosing a STEM curriculum, STRN provides a daily snapshot of the many discoveries and innovations from leading scientists and technologists. STRN was created to offer students a comprehensive view of their area of study and, perhaps, open them up to another area of interest. “Very few students entering university have a good grasp on what really interests them. Sure, they have an aptitude for science or technology but, for many, their exposure to all the different facets of what STEM offers, is limited. STRN gives them an opportunity to see what else is out there. It’s our hope that we can help them discover their passion,” said Rasmussen.

To see for yourself what STRN is all about, please visit the website. There you can search thousands of posts with the latest developments from the STEM research community. Sign up for a daily newsletter and the latest news will be delivered to your desktop or mobile device.

Please send your STEM news to: STRN News,

Laura Ascione