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In this week’s news:

Community colleges look to transition away from state accrediting agency
After weathering years of criticism, the California Community Colleges approved plans to change the process of accrediting the state’s 113 institutions. The move signals a dramatic shift from the state’s standing accreditation agency, which has come under fire for wielding vast power with limited oversight.

PSU course asks students to use commercial video games
A new course from the Penn State College of Education’s Learning Design and Technology (LDT) program is not only integrating technology in the classroom, it is encouraging the students’ use of commercial video games.

Community colleges partner on credentialing initiative
A new project aims to identify and develop a model for creating recognizable credentialing that can be used by students, colleges, and employers.

Shocking data reveals Millennials lacking skills across board
International data sets show U.S. Millennials hit global bottoms for skills in literacy, numeracy and technology problem-solving.

Laura Ascione