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How are institutions blending policy with progress?

Catch up on the most compelling higher-ed stories you may have missed this week

Every Friday, I’ll recap some of the most interesting and thought-provoking news developments that occurred over the week.

I can’t fit all of this week’s news stories here, though, so feel free to visit and read up on other news you may have missed.

In this week’s news:

Replacing the SATs in admissions–what comes next?
Here’s how a ubiquitous portable, cloud-based ePortfolio-like solution begun in high school could help make college admissions more inclusive.

Should institutions have better “employer leadership?”
A new brief outlines how employers can work to strengthen the talent pipeline from colleges & universities under current accreditation regulations.

Data analytics simulation asks students to strategize
A new Harvard Business Publishing simulation by Tom Davenport teaches students the power of analytics in decision-making.

Fresno State targets Latino, African American graduation rates
Fresno State joined a national network focused on closing the academic achievement gap between white and underrepresented minority students and increasing graduation rates.

Laura Ascione