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Barnes & Noble acquires digital platform LoudCloud

Move will expand reach of digital education services.

Barnes & Noble Education, Inc., a contract operator of bookstores on college and university campuses across the United States and a provider of digital education services, announced a plan to expand its digital services.

In response to evolving higher education market conditions, the company has announced a plan designed to reduce and manage digital expenditures, while at the same time maintaining high quality digital products. The company has partnered with VitalSource, part of the Ingram Content Group, and has acquired LoudCloud Systems, Inc. The strategy also includes restructuring its Yuzu operations.

This collaboration will allow Barnes & Noble Education for a seamless transition with a Yuzu-branded product, ensuring students have an excellent digital reading experience and access to a broad digital catalog.

The acquisition of LoudCloud, a digital platform and analytics provider with a proven product and existing clients in the higher education, for-profit and K-12 markets, positions the Company to be able to provide a robust digital learning platform to drive improved outcomes for students and to better serve clients.

LoudCloud’s current product capabilities include a competency-based courseware platform, a learning analytics platform and services, an eReading product, and a learning management system (LMS). Its software captures and analyzes key behavioral and performance metrics from students, allowing educators to monitor and improve student success.

“These actions give us the capabilities to offer digital products that our clients are demanding, improve our competitive position, and positively impact revenue and profitability,” said Max J. Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble Education, Inc.

“The acquisition of LoudCloud will be a key asset for Barnes & Noble Education’s digital strategy, better positioning it as a leader in the rapidly growing multi-billion dollar market for digital products and services. LoudCloud’s impressive portfolio of products and strong operating team will enable us to address the growing and diverse demands of our clients in the dynamically changing education industry,” said Kanuj Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Education, Barnes & Noble Education.

Laura Ascione