Silicon Valley invests in micro-learning

Entrepreneurs give “10 minute” micro-learning insights on social knowledge platform EdCast.

It’s not for credit or credentials, but Silicon Valley is lending two invaluable things to the education community: its time and its experience-based knowledge.

Hosted on the increasingly growing social knowledge network platform EdCast, the micro-learning classes began almost like a Silicon Valley startup: there was a need, there’s an altruistic element, and someone knew someone who knew someone.

“A friend of mine, venture capital investor Tim Draper, showed interest in being part of this series for incredibly talented, experience-based entrepreneurs hosting quick-hitting sessions on topics of their choice,” explained Karl Mehta, founder and CEO of EdCast. “And he talked to some of his friends who talked to other friends and it grew from there.”

The “10 Minute Insights” series, which are mobile-enabled live-streamed/live-cast and then archived, are mini-discussions hosted by Silicon Valley innovators representing a broad range of expertise is various subjects, and each host chooses his/her topic for discussion.

What makes these series more than just a mini-MOOC is that every person watching the live stream is able to ask questions directly to industry leaders, even on their mobile devices—an opportunity that moves beyond merely trend-setting and into the realm of an invaluable knowledge resource for learners seeking real-world advice.

“A lot of these entrepreneurs have a wealth of experience, and in true Silicon Valley-style, want to share what they’ve learned in order to help the community and spur even more innovation,” Mehta elaborated. “The problem was that there wasn’t really a platform to do this; wasn’t really a platform that could live-stream with the click of a button and allow for this level of interactivity. But EdCast can provide that now.”

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