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Yale, EduSourced inject real-world experience into curriculum

Centralized platform helps instructors manage and automate employer-based projects for real-world experience

A new partnership between EduSourced, a web-based platform helping universities modernize their approach to learning, and the Yale School of Management Center for Customer Insights (YCCI) will be part of the school’s Discovery Projects initiative.

With rising college tuition and an increasingly competitive job market, more universities today are integrating experiential learning programs into curriculums in an effort to make learning more practical, while teaching students the fundamentals of team work and better preparing them for success in the workplace.

EduSourced is helping higher education deliver these experiences with a cloud-based platform that creates a central repository for faculty, staff, students and industry partners to better manage business-to-classroom projects.

For more than a decade, the Yale Center for Customer Insights (YCCI) has aligned the world’s most innovative companies with leading academics to gather a deeper understanding of the evolving dynamics of consumer behavior. Working together with industry, YCCI brings the latest academic theories into the marketplace—and brings back the latest marketplace thinking to inform research and students. As part of YCCI, the Discovery Projects initiative pairs teams of MBA students with industry partners to drive innovative solutions for real-world marketing problems.

“At the Yale Center for Customer Insights, we pair a small team of elite, motivated students (under faculty leadership) with a corporate marketing team to solve a real-world business challenge,” said Jennie Liu, executive director, Center for Customer Insights at the Yale School of Management. “Our clients, often Fortune 100 companies, come to us because they want a fresh lens from a smart, diverse team, so the stakes are high for both the client side and the students in terms of their expectations for what they will achieve and learn. For that reason, it’s important that we work within an organized, confidential and professional environment, which is why we’ve partnered with EduSourced: to create a more professional experience that matches the level of quality of the deliverables that our stakeholders expect.”

“Yale’s Discovery Project initiative is at the forefront of the experiential learning movement and EduSourced is thrilled to help them continue to deliver on their forward-looking MBA program that graduates the business leaders of tomorrow,” says David Comisford, CEO of EduSourced.

The Yale Center for Customer Insights produces research and thinking on behavioral economics and data analytics.

Laura Ascione