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University of Phoenix launches Center for Learning Analytics Research

The university’s tenth research center focuses on data-driven research about online adult learners

Recognizing the importance of how academic technologies and data inform student success, University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies announced the opening of the Center for Learning Analytics Research.

The research center will focus on elevating educational offerings in the digital age through better understanding of teaching and learning through technology.

Empirical studies published through the tenth and most recently opened research center by University of Phoenix will add to what is known about how adult learners succeed in an online environment, with the goal of creating a community of scholars focused on learning analytics research.

“University of Phoenix pioneered online education, and that is why we are committed to conducting research that will inform our instructional and curricular approaches to improve student outcomes and advance the online teaching and learning process,” said Hinrich Eylers, Ph.D., executive dean for University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies. “The aim of this research center is clear; we are taking a smart, data-driven approach to improving higher education.”

The vision of the research center is to become the world’s leading active learning laboratory, advance scholarship on blended and online learning, and inform higher education outcomes.

“Leveraging learning analytics provides an opportunity to better understand how students learn and to identify critical elements to effective teaching,” said Scott Burrus, Ph.D., research chair for the Center for Learning Analytics Research. “Learning analytics can be applied to every level of a university, and increases our ability at University of Phoenix to deliver a more personalized, practical and applied instruction that maximizes and supports meaningful learning.”

For more information about the research center and how the team is informing higher education through learning analytics, or to learn more about the other research centers at University of Phoenix, visit https://research.phoenix.edu/.

Laura Ascione