New service helps with digital accessibility requirements

New federal rules are still in the works, but according to the National Law Review, there are multiple lawsuits resulting in settlement agreements that have already been brought against organizations including major retailers, e-marketers, tax preparers and several colleges and universities – all due to a lack of web accessibility.

“Perkins Access is all about making digital and physical spaces more accessible so that all users can benefit. And it’s about bringing organizations into compliance and protecting them from potential lawsuits,” said Cris Broyles, Perkins Solutions’ director of digital accessibility. “By making websites accessible, we not only create a more accessible world for individuals with disabilities, we make organizations more attractive to a broader audience.”

To gain a nationwide snapshot of college websites’ accessibility, Perkins Solutions looked at the online sites of 20 top colleges and universities ranked by U.S. News & World Report, and found that more than 90 percent failed to meet some or all of the guidelines that make websites accessible to disabled users.

Some universities, anticipating the new guidelines, and understanding the wider audience an accessible website brings, have already made changes. Harvard University and the University of Notre Dame each have engaged Perkins Solutions to improve the accessibility of their websites.

Using a team of tech experts who have a range of disabilities, along with a multi-faceted approach, Perkins Solutions provides assessments of digital properties, gives feedback and offers remediation to help customers get their websites up to date to avoid litigation.

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Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione