New dashboard offers a glimpse of next-gen learning management

LMS partnership aims to give insights into student engagement

learning-managementAn expanded partnership between Echo360 and Instructure will integrate Canvas learning analytics with Echo360’s active learning platform, giving colleges and universities a more complete picture of student engagement and learning.

Building on the two organizations’ prior collaboration, Echo360 has been invited to participate as an Instructure Premier Partner, which will allow for deeper integration. This integration will allow instructors and institutional leaders using both platforms to understand how students are progressing toward academic goals, and what factors are driving student engagement, learning activities and class performance.

“Our partnership with Echo360 centers around one common goal – improving the teaching and learning experience for students and faculty,” said Melissa Loble, Vice President of Partnerships and Programs at Instructure. “By working together, we can help colleges and universities spend less time trying to wrangle data, and more time leveraging data and insights to support students and ensure they reach their academic goals.”

As a Premier Partner, Echo360 will integrate Canvas’ learning analytics into its active learning platform, and faculty using Canvas will be able to access student engagement analytics powered by Echo360 in one seamless data dashboard.

“We’re excited about what this partnership says about both the future of the LMS and the future of learning analytics,” said Fred Singer, CEO of Echo360. “Our integration with Instructure ushers in a new era of learning management—giving faculty access to real-time data that gives them important insight into a student’s level of engagement, which we know is an important indicator of student success.”

More than 1,000 institutions have adopted Canvas as their learning management system, and over 8,000 classrooms are using Echo360.

Instructure’s LMS provides insights into course-specific activities, including content distribution, assessments, and grading, while Echo360 provides class-specific insights about specific engagement behaviors like taking notes in class, participating in discussion, and revisiting content after class.

The Echo360 cloud-based platform allows students to better engage with course materials, ask questions during class in an anonymous and risk-free way, and engage with instructors and peers anytime and anywhere. Instructors also have access to powerful learner analytics to identify at-risk students and measure learning outcomes. The integration with Instructure improves the suite of tools and information instructors have at their fingertips to continuously support the learning process.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione