Law schools get expanded research platform

Lexis Learn, legal research tool from LexisNexis, is expanding with more modules

research-lexisLexisNexis Legal & Professional has announced the upcoming release of new modules to Lexis Learn, the interactive teaching tool for legal research.

Lexis Learn is an outside-of-class learning and testing tool that complements the Legal Research and Writing curriculum by strengthening practical skills and delivering ways for faculty to assign material and track student participation and understanding. Students learn new content from videos-—freeing up valuable class time to explore content in-depth.

Within a few months of the release of the platform and its seven initial learning modules in August 2015, faculty at 25 percent of U.S. law schools have integrated Lexis Learn into their curriculum. Four modules will be added for the upcoming 2016 spring semester covering additional practical skills desired by legal employers, including Administrative Law; Legislative History; Drafting Documents for Transactional Practice; and Briefs, Pleadings and Motions.

Lexis Learn features a series of 10-15 minute videos. Many modules cover areas typically taught in the first year Legal Research and Writing curriculum—such as Online Legal Research Basics, Making Sure You’re Citing Good Law and Constructing an Effective Search. Lexis Learn also offers integration with Lexis Advance®, the LexisNexis legal research solution.

The modern and engaging design of Lexis Learn aims to enrich legal research education and fosters practical skills acquisition by presenting learning in a way that appeals to millennials, engaging them through video, animations and fully integrated quizzes that require them to apply what they’ve learned by retrieving documents and sources, as well as working through scenarios. Notably, Lexis Learn equips law students with fundamental research skills they can transfer to any research system as it employs a process-focused teaching strategy.

Also central to the platform is the comprehensive Instructor Analytics dashboard, which provides faculty with the tools to review and analyze student responses, track completions and evaluate understanding of core research skills.

The launch and continual expansion of Lexis Learn is part of the greater ongoing LexisNexis commitment to offer modern, next-generation legal research solutions that harness the power of Big Data through natural language processing and machine learning to help legal professionals, students and faculty work more efficiently, make more informed decisions and drive success for their clients, practice or studies.

Earlier this year, LexisNexis launched another online teaching resource, the redesigned Interactive Citation Workstation (ICW), which teaches first year students proper citation format using state-of-the-art quiz, tracking and assessment tools.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione