6 revelations on faculty roles within competency-based programs

6.Responsibilities Agreed On: Though respondent’s titles were diverse and the types of CBE programs diverse, “the amount of agreement on functions that need to be performed in CBE programs is striking,” states Cleary. For example, 88 percent or more of the institutions surveyed reported performing 12 of the 14 function options in the curriculum category. Also, 50 percent or more of surveyed institutions reported that they performed at least 31 of the 36 available functions within the assessment and instruction categories.

7.Challenge Areas: 75 percent or more of responding institutions perform functions within trying to motivate students and designing CBE programs most beneficial to students. “Arguably, these functions point to two major challenges for CBE programs: attracting and retaining students,” Cleary highlights.

8. Diversified Responsibilities: The greatest diversity in functions is within advising and mentoring (though Cleary notes this may be due to the large number of function options for respondents to choose from).

9.Room for Change: 20 percent of respondents offered suggestions to the open-ended question: “If you could reconfigure the roles and responsibilities of this position, how would you do so? Why” The responses focused mainly on the need to clarify roles and responsibilities (develop success metrics, improve accountability), to improve quality (focus on improving student curriculum, assessment, and delivery design; improve the student experience), or to increase support (improve faculty support, provide additional administrative assistant support, support institutionalization of CBE).

10. Most in Flux: Of the four functional areas identified, finding indicate that the area of coaching/advising/mentoring is currently the most in flux, and C-BEN researchers hope to focus more closely on innovations in this functional area in the future, notes Cleary.

For more detailed information on the report’s findings, as well as in-depth methodology, read “Faculty and Staff Roles and Responsibilities in the Design and Delivery of Competency-Based programs: A C-BEN Snapshot.