Solution aims to optimize campus networks

PeerApp tries to make streaming video easier to use for campus networks.

campus-networksThe University of San Diego (USD) and Charleston Southern University (CSU) welcomed back students this fall with over-the-top (OTT) and other streaming video experiences enabled by PeerApp, which aims to help campus networks–including ResNets–accelerate and optimize content delivery.

PeerApp offers local content delivery solutions that enable campus network operators to provide students, faculty and administrators with fast, high-quality on-campus access to live gaming, broadcast-quality TV programming, movies, live sporting events, and other popular content, as well as online educational tools and experiences.

Douglas Burke, senior director of Network Infrastructure Systems and Services at USD stated, “PeerApp has saved us approximately 25-35 percent of our internet bandwidth and our students have stopped complaining about network speed. Additionally, in the past we have seen our internet slow to a crawl with every new iOS upgrade. Today the first upgrade downloaded is cached and served to the USD community over our internal 10-Gig network, dramatically accelerating download time.”

In addition to greatly enhancing the quality of experience (QoE) for students, faculty and administrators, PeerApp aims to help higher education campus IT and networking professionals control and significantly cut operating and capital expenses.

“Since the installation of PeerApp, students have noticed the increase of delivery speed for their streaming content,” said CSU Wireless Administrator Mike Onorato. “By generating over 200 Mbps, our students’ on-campus experience has improved leaps and bounds.”

Shannon M. Phillips, executive director of Information Technology Services at Charleston Southern, added, “In the university setting, streaming content is one of the biggest challenges IT professionals face. By generating additional bandwidth through caching, PeerApp allowed us to take that challenge head on, delaying a costly bandwidth upgrade. Because of PeerApp, streaming content on our ResNet is more reliable, and our students are happy.”

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione