ASU moves toward open content

ASU joins Pepperdine, Notre Dame, Stanford and other ProQuest SIPX customers that are saving students and schools a combined $3.67M

open-contentArizona State University (ASU) has entered into a three-year partnership with ProQuest SIPX, provider of digital course materials solutions in higher education.

ASU will integrate the SIPX Central servic-—a scalable, self-service configuration that enables anyone at the school to set up course readings—-into the campus’ Blackboard learning management system.

The technology is intended to put more library resources and open access content into the hands of instructors. The service aims to reduce the cost of course materials for students and simplify sharing of the course readings between instructors and students.

ASU joins other new SIPX schools including Purdue University, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Claremont Lincoln University, among others.

“ASU continues to invest in technologies that advance the future of higher education. Our goal is to continue preparing students for success and deliver a great university experience,” adds Adrian Sannier, Chief Academic Technology Officer for ASU Online. “By expanding access to our library, we are providing the tools needed regardless of our students’ physical location.”

“We are excited to partner with ASU. They are clearly a thought leader in online learning innovation, with ASU Online initiatives like their Starbucks partnership helping employees achieve college degrees and the Global Freshman Academy that gives students of any financial means a way to obtain a quality four-year online degree,” said Franny Lee, ProQuest SIPX General Manager. “ASU and ProQuest SIPX share similar goals of improving education and making it more attainable for all.”

ProQuest SIPX offers three product solutions to support unique teaching and learning workflows: SIPX Central, SIPX Campus and SIPX for MOOCs, all three based on innovative digital course materials technology that address a variety of copyright and costs concerns for universities. By connecting students to materials that are open access or available to them through their library subscriptions, the SIPX solutions have saved its customers and students $3.67M to date.

SIPX solutions are affordable, sustainable, easy to implement and offer benefits across campus:
Students typically save 20-35 percent in course materials costs.

Instructors have more visibility to relevant content that is available at no charge to students, such as open access and library subscriptions, when they assign curriculum readings. They are also supported with intuitive tools for sharing non-subscribed copyrighted materials compliantly and see useful analytics that give insight into students’ engagement with reading assignments.

Administrators and deans can optimize and streamline their campus operations while driving student success, supporting quality curricula and lowering the cost of education.

IT directors can integrate SIPX into their existing LMS and teaching platforms with SIPX’s cloud-based, scalable technology.

Instructional technologists can leverage a fast and easy copyright and content tool to support all types of teaching, including online education innovations and MOOCs.

Librarians get more use out of their collections investments and more insight into the content their campus needs for teaching and online education, as well as saving over 50 percent of their own budgets in cases where the library pays for permissions.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione