University deploys large-scale network solution

Anuta’s NCX empowers university to deliver self-service networks to 200+ departments

network-solutionThe University of British Columbia (UBC) is in production testing for the Anuta NCX orchestration solution for SDN-based campus networks.

By introducing Anuta Networks’ self-service capabilities throughout its hundreds of geographically-dispersed departments, UBC will be better equipped to deliver critical campus services on demand, cost-effectively and in less time.

UBC’s IT team supports 60,000 students across 300 buildings, and its network team has averaged 200+ hours monthly on change tickets for end-to-end segmentation.

After evaluating multiple leading vendors, UBC has found that Anuta NCX for large scale, next-generation network services delivers exceptional business value. Anuta NCX offers an unmatched rich YANG model-driven architecture, and securely supports many deployments including campus, DC, MPLS, WAN automation at production scale.

The NCX easy-to-use design will enable the UBC network team to rapidly design agile network services and publish them to self-service catalogs. Upon a service request, NCX orchestrates hundreds of multi-vendor devices using complete IP address management, and delivering the virtualized network within a few minutes. The NCX solution will substantially reduce the UBC network team’s on change requests. NCX also will enhance the overall network security through standardized workflows, improved compliance and audit history.

“Our latest NCX deployment at UBC further confirms that campus networks can greatly be enhanced with SDN solutions,” said Srini Beereddy, CTO, Anuta Networks. “Best of all, enterprises across all industries can instantly use NCX and deliver innovative value to their specific customers within a few days.”

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione