POMCO introduces mobile personal safety for students

Mobile device intends to address safety concerns of students, parents, administrators

safety-campusWith increased national awareness and scrutiny on the issue of campus security, POMCO, Peace of Mind Company, introduces a new mobile personal safety device designed to alleviate the concerns of students, parents and administrators alike.

The silver dollar-sized device, known as the POM, is being rolled out at select colleges this fall, starting with The Sage Colleges: Russell Sage College in Troy, N.Y. and Sage College of Albany, N.Y.

The POM is a streamlined device with a single purpose: a simple, discreet push of a button in an emergency that instantly connects the user with campus security through a two-way call function and records the call.

Location tracking pinpoints the user’s location on campus, and his or her profile, complete with photo and personal information, appears onscreen for campus security. In addition to a direct line to authorities, the device can also activate a silent or audible alarm function.

The POM’s compact size makes it easy for students to carry at all times – in a pocket, purse or keychain – so users are not fumbling to find a cell phone or app in an emergency, when every second counts and staying focused on the situation at hand is paramount.

Although the device is discreet, it can also be personalized and worn like an accessory with school colors, mascot or logo. Designed around busy lives, the POM only needs to be charged every 10-14 days. When the charge gets too low, the POM automatically puts itself to sleep to preserve battery life, ensuring the device is still able to make an emergency call lasting up to eight minutes.

The POM system’s implementation process is designed to be easy for universities to adopt. The cloud-based software requires no installation or set-up, allows for easy upgrades and utilizes existing cellular networks to connect users.

Upon move-in in September, The Sage Colleges handed out complimentary POM devices to more than 1,400 students.

The POM system is available to colleges and universities through flexible pricing models, and can be tied into existing student fees or offered on an individual subscription basis. The annual subscription fee tailored to students and parents includes the POM and the POM app at $30-$45.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione