10 higher ed Twitter accounts worth following

There’s more to Twitter than #KanyeForPresident. Here are 10 accounts from the world of higher education worthy of a follow.

higher-ed-twitterIn the massive world of social media, it’s often daunting to not only find news-worthy and intellectually interesting Twitter accounts, but discover new accounts outside of the popular scope.

Here, eCampus News presents 10 higher education-related Twitter accounts that may not be the most widely-followed accounts, but are worthy of a follow for both their relevance to current events and overall love for higher education and innovation.

See an account that didn’t make the list? eCampus News could have listed hundreds of accounts if we had the time, so please provide your suggestion in the comment section below!

Without further ado, here are some great Twitter accounts to follow for insightful and informative news on higher education, 140 characters at a time!

[Listed in no particular order]

1.) The United States Department of Education – @usedgov

The Department of Education’s official Twitter account does a great job of presenting a diverse range of news and information about education in the U.S. With a host of photos, videos and attentiveness to all aspects of education, this Twitter account shouldn’t go unnoticed.

2.) Dr. Cyndi Burnett – @Cyndiburnett

Dr. Cyndi Burnett is an Assistant Professor at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State. Her Twitter is focused on inspiring innovation, and you’d be hard pressed to find a tweet on her timeline that lacks some form of the word “creative!”

3.) Wallace D. Loh – @presidentloh

Wallace Loh is the President of the University of Maryland, and his Twitter account is an excellent example of how effective a university leader can be on social media. Students on UMD’s campus love President Loh’s Twitter account, which can be seen in their retweets. His tweets often feature an excellent mix of information on campus activities and the university’s progress, important announcements, his take on current events, and other  entertaining content. Take notes, college presidents!

4.) The University of Maryland’s Merrill College of Journalism – @merrillcollege

Before we leave the University of Maryland (we’re not biased, we promise!), the school’s Merrill College of Journalism is an excellent example of how to run an individual program’s Twitter account. With a constant feed of information on news (much of which is generated by students), pertaining both to current events and the evolving world of Journalism, as well as opportunities for students to get involved, the Merill College’s Twitter account sets a great example of how technology can be used as an effective tool by today’s modern journalist.

5.) Dr. Tony Wagner – @DrTonyWagner

Dr. Tony Wagner is an Expert in Residence at Harvard’s Innovation Lab. He shares a host of information on news and events regarding innovation and the achievement gap, a topic on which he has also written a book.

6.) Carrie Brown – @Brizzyc

Carrie Brown is a social journalism director at CUNY. She has an active Twitter account that focuses on innovation in newsrooms and highlights a lot of work from students.

7.) Indiana University – @IndianaUniv

Indiana University boasts a great example of how to run a school’s official Twitter account. Indiana posts a great mix of new and old photographs from the University, information about events and school progress, and even features on significant campus figures.

8.) Mike Bohlmann – @mbohlmann

Mike Bohlmann is the Assistant Dean of Technology at the University of Illinois’s College of Media. He posts a lot of information about IT leadership, new media, open source, and higher ed in general, and his Twitter account provides a unique eye into his technology projects. He also does a great job of incorporating other forms of media, with a particularly nice use of Vines.

9.) Dr. Terri Scandura – @terriscandura

Dr. Terri Scandura is a Management Professor at the University of Miami (Florida). She often tweets about issues in business leadership and the issues facing students out of college as they attempt to get out into the workforce. This provides a great stream of content for students and professionals alike.

10.) College Professor – @ReadTheSyllabus

Rounding out this list is a nice bit of comic relief! “Read The Syllabus” provides perhaps the best insight into what many college professors would like to say with a constant barrage of side-splitting tweets on the frustrations and hilarities that inevitably come with teaching college students!