Carnegie, XanEdu partner to improve math delivery

Developmental math programs provide advanced customization options.

math-deliveryThe Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and mobile content provider XanEdu have partnered to deliver developmental math programs to higher education instructors.

The Carnegie Foundation selected XanEdu to support and deliver Statway and Quantway core course material in print and mobile formats.

Integration with XanEdu’s customization platform enables the Carnegie Foundation to provide complete customization options to its partner schools’ instructors and digital delivery to the thousands of students already using the programs.

In 2010, Carnegie initiated a network of faculty members, researchers, designers, students, and content experts to create a new system designed to increase student success in developmental mathematics.

The network devised two new pathways—Statway and Quantway – focused on statistics and quantitative reasoning, respectively. Statway and Quantway reduce the time required to earn college credit while improving the content and pedagogy of developmental mathematics. The Pathways present engaging, relevant, and useful mathematics concepts that students can use in their daily lives. Statway and Quantway are taught using common curricula, assessments, and online platform, as well as innovative instructional approaches.

Both programs result in significant improvement of student success in much shorter periods of time. While Quantway students succeed at two times the rate as those in the traditional system, Statway delivers three times the success rate, and both accomplish this in half the time. These results have remained consistent for each of the four years these programs have been in classrooms, even as the number of students enrolled and the participating institutions has more than tripled.

“Statway and Quantway have already helped thousands of students, at over 50 institutions across the country. Now, as we aim to bring this opportunity to tens- and hundreds-of-thousand more students, we were seeking a highly professional partner that understands the higher education space and our goals as an organization. XanEdu’s solutions were an ideal fit for us today, and their vision for the future will support us as we continue to grow and expand the Pathways program,” said Karon Klipple, Executive Director of Community College Pathways.

Both organizations strive every day to improve the higher education landscape through the pursuit of rigorous learning outcomes, the transformation of instruction and student support, and the promotion of widespread access by ensuring affordability and the availability of technology platforms.

“XanEdu is thrilled to integrate our powerful and unique technology platform, enabling faculty customization and student delivery, to support the Carnegie Foundation in their mission to build the education field’s capacity to improve. The Carnegie Foundation’s selection of XanEdu is a testament to XanEdu’s efforts to improve the higher education landscape, primarily by focusing on driving down the cost of course materials through customization, affordable alternative content and scalable technology,” said Brett Costello, Chief Operating Officer at XanEdu.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione