Obama’s new College Scorecard: 68 schools with low costs and high incomes

U.S. Department of Education releases updated College Scorecard to help students, parents navigate schools.

college-schoolsDuring his weekly address, President Obama on Sept. 12 announced a new College Scorecard designed to connect students and parents to accessible data about college costs.

College costs and student debt are increasing, and this means everyone should have easy access to easily-understandable data on various aspects of higher education costs, including post-graduation salary and debt rates, he said.

Some higher education is “the surest ticket to the middle class” in an economy increasingly based on knowledge and innovation, Obama said.

The College Scorecard team collected input from students, families, and advisers to gather data on college cost, graduation rates, debt, and salary after graduation, according to the blog.

It includes updated data on higher education institutions. That data will be published through an open application programming interface for customization based on a user’s individual needs.

The College Scorecard site offers a search function, a financial aid breakdown and calculation tool, and also offers a glimpse at schools with low costs that lead to high incomes, low costs and high graduation rates, and more.

On a list of 23 four-year schools with low costs for low-income students, yet high median earnings 10 years after entering the school, are the Georgia Institute of Technology, Trinity College, Washington and Lee University, and Williams College. See the full list of 23 schools here.

Two-year community colleges with earnings exceeding the typical two-year college include Scottsdale Community College, Northwest Iowa Community College, Northern Virginia Community College, and Vermont Technical College. See the full list of 45 schools here.

Laura Ascione