Apperson expands solutions for exams

Comprehensive service supports the creation, delivery, scoring, and analysis of online or paper-based exams

exams-assessmentAssessment provider Apperson has expanded its solutions for higher education with Evo Academics for Scan Centers, a new assessment management solution designed specifically for colleges and universities.

The solution combines high-speed scanning and support with a cloud-based platform for test scoring, reporting, analysis, communication, and online testing.

“Higher education scan centers are responsible for handling large amounts of data every day,” said Bill Apperson, chairman of the board of Apperson. “With Evo Academics for Scan Centers, we’re providing a comprehensive assessment management solution that will make this process easier and more reliable while providing educators instant reporting and analysis.”

Evo Academics for Scan Centers supports the delivery, scoring, and analysis of online or paper-based exams. Users can create and deliver assessments online, via paper and pencil, or a combination of the two—and they can access all the data in one convenient, cloud-based application.

Evo’s assessment creation platform and student portal are optimized for online exams. Instructors can create short answer, essay, and other question types in addition to multiple choice and true/false questions. They can include passages, images, or videos to enhance question content; build and store rubrics online and use them to grade responses quickly and intuitively; set an optional time limit for online assessments; view open and completed assessments; and create, save, print, and reuse assessments over time.

With paper-based assessments, Apperson’s high-speed Sekonic scanners can scan up to 5,500 sheets per hour. The scanners connect to a computer using a simple USB cable.

The reporting and analysis tools built into Evo Academics for Scan Centers empower instructors to reach a deeper understanding of student learning and institutional effectiveness. With interactive item analysis, instructors can evaluate success at a glance or zoom in on specific questions and students. A live results grid allows instructors to watch results arrive in real time and make corrections on the fly. Users also can generate an Excel Workbook with class results or export results to Canvas by Instructure and Brightspace by Desire2Learn, with more gradebook integration to come.

Apperson’s Assessment Specialists will work directly with any college or university to propose a comprehensive solution—including scanners, forms, software, implementation, and training—that fully meets its unique needs.


Material from a press release was used in this report.