Xirrus launches all 802.11ac Wave 2 access point

New Xtreme Density XD2 access point delivers two 11ac radios, doubles the speed of competitive Wave 2 solutions

access-wirelessXirrus, a provider of high-performance wireless networks, has announced Xtreme Density 2 (XD2) Wi-Fi, delivering a customizable 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi solution available.

The new Xirrus XD2 access point (AP) includes two, Wave 2 radios which enables customers to deploy a Wi-Fi network that keeps up with the demand of their ever-changing environments, and aims to support the longest network lifespan possible. Xirrus is also introducing Wave 2 upgrade modules for its XR family of APs.

As customers manage the exceptional growth in devices and stress on their Wi-Fi networks, they need to reconsider their designs. Future proofing for the inevitable evolution to Wave 2 should be a requirement for businesses as they design these upgrades.

With the announcement of XD2, customers can now easily scale their Wi-Fi networks to provide the speed and performance required to deliver an exceptional user experience, as well as, protect their investment with the only customizable solution in the market.

The new Xirrus XD2 is the first AP in the market to deliver all the benefits of Wave 2 including:
· Two Wave 2 radios per AP, each capable of up to 3.47 Gbps (3x faster than Wave 1)
· Double the speed of competitive Wave 2 solutions with 7 Gbps per AP
· Four-stream multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) compared to three-stream MU-MIMO supported by other solutions
· The only customizable AP with the ability to enable both radios to Wave 2 with the click of a mouse
· Bluetooth low energy (BLE) enabled for location based services

“The ability to transmit to multiple users at the same time, also known as multi-user MIMO, is one of the key technology advancements in 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi access points and will enable significantly higher wireless throughput,” said Matthias Machowinski, research director of enterprise networking at IHS. “By implementing a second 802.11ac radio, Xirrus’ Wave 2 solution can serve twice the number of concurrent users per access point, lending itself well to addressing wireless network growth as clients migrate to Wave 2 over time.”

Xirrus Wave 2 solutions integrate a set of network services to optimize the user experience and ensure enterprise-grade wireless reliability, including:
· Application Control: Integrated application visibility and control directly in each AP to prioritize business-critical applications and ensure predictable performance
· TurboXpress: Software customizable radios that support all Wi-Fi modes and bands for instant adaptation to a changing Wi-Fi user base
· acXpress: Automatically segment high-speed 11ac clients from low-speed clients to optimize performance for all

“Until the XD2, all Wave 2 Wi-Fi solutions introduced to the market to date have been effectively ‘Wave 1.5’ because they do not fully support the MU-MIMO standard,” said Bruce Miller, vice president of product marketing, Xirrus. “Customers should steer clear of Wave 1.5 solutions and verify they are getting Wave 2 technology in order to deploy the fastest solution available and achieve the best return on their investment.”

To learn more about XD2 Wi-Fi and the XR Wave 2 Upgrade Module, visit:

Today, Xirrus also announced a family of low cost 802.11ac Access Points. Read more about this new family of solutions here:

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione