Survey: Here’s why technology matters to college students

Students break down what aspects of technology are most useful to them in the classroom in a new survey.

survey-technology-studentAccording to the results of a new survey from VitalSource Technologies, college students overwhelmingly agree that technology boosts grades, improves their overall learning experience and alleviates costs.

In the fifth annual survey of its kind, 500 currently enrolled college students were polled in order to gauge how much importance they place on the growing role of technology in higher education classrooms.

“Technology continues to be of critical importance to students, especially in the classroom,” said Cindy Clarke, vice president of Marketing for Vital Source Technologies, Inc. “The research validates the degree to which students depend on technology to provide them with a competitive edge while they are in school, and after graduation as they prepare to enter a workforce which is increasingly digitally literate and globally connected.”

The survey largely found that students, as well as their teachers, are increasingly adopting digital solutions to improve learning outcomes. Greater access to technology and digital course materials allows for greater interaction with content, peers and instructors, all of which play a huge role in helping students stay engaged and excited about their studies.

In fact, 74 percent of students agreed they could get even better grades if their teachers used more technology in the classroom.

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