U. Wisconsin opens up leadership courses

Staff from all higher-ed institutions are now eligible.

campus-leadershipGood leadership is vital to the success of any higher education institution, and even more so in times of change.

As campuses nationwide prepare for a new academic year, administrators are operating in a new world. Pressures facing those leaders include a significant drop in the high school population, creating more competition among universities to attract students. At the same time, technology is playing a greater role in curricula.

The University of Wisconsin (UW) System is facing those challenges head-on. This year, for the first time, UW is inviting administrators from across the country to examine their individual leadership styles and to consider how those efforts contribute to the future well-being of higher ed. The UW System has opened its UW Leadership Development Program to the staff of all public and private higher education institutions nationwide.

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The program is designed to teach administrators how to not only react to change, but to recognize what’s ahead and create new leadership and management strategies. The program aims to help leaders make smart decisions on allocating their scarce resources, and create a positive atmosphere for staffs coping with a changing environment.

“We are all partners in improving higher education, and everyone is taking the growth of their leaders more seriously,” said UW System President Ray Cross. “From human resources administrators to deans, to student life officials, to campus police, universities are committed to investing in the development of these important contributors within their campus communities.”

Cross said the expansion of the UW Leadership Program to a larger group of peers would offer an opportunity for administrators from around the country to share ideas and strategies for leadership.

The UW Leadership Development Program includes six sessions such as, “The High Engagement Leader,” “Strengthening Managerial Effectiveness in Higher Ed,” and “Success Strategies for Navigating Change and Uncertainty.”

“The Influential Leader,” first in the series, takes place on September 29-30, 2015 at UW-Madison’s Pyle Center.

Participants will benefit from a computer-based self-assessment of their leadership style. The results will give them a realistic starting point to build upon and set goals. Participants who complete five courses earn a UW Leadership Development Program certificate and three one-on-one sessions with a professional coach who will help them develop entrepreneurial solutions for whatever challenge they are facing.

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Laura Ascione