5 safety tips for campus leaders

SchoolDude offers back-to-school tips to revisit, revamp safety plans.

campus-safetyAs students across the nation head back to campus now and in the coming weeks, campus safety leaders have an opportunity to review their safety plans and ensure that emergency guidelines are properly in place.

SchoolDude, a provider of operations management solutions and the creator of mobile safety platform CrisisManager, is offering five tips to campus school leaders for maintaining school safety.

“Prior to the start of the new school year, it is important for administrators to reexamine all emergency preparation guidelines to ensure response plans are effective and up-to-date,” said Nick Mirisis, director of marketing and business development, SchoolDude. “Safety plans should be shared with faculty, staff and students and on mobile platforms for greater accessibility to emergency procedures for all types of crisis situations – no matter the size or scope.”

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Laura Ascione