New data center aims to be energy-efficient and promote the practice among scientists.

UT-dataPartnering with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), which acts as a Japanese government agency, the University of Texas at Austin will begin using alternative energy sources to power some of its high-performance computers.

Energy efficiency in data centers is a major focus in the technology industry today, and the program positions Texas as a leader in both the renewable energy and data center industries. It will help promote efficiency among scientists who are using advanced computing technology — and provide new educational and research opportunities for UT Austin students and faculty members in emerging energy systems.

“The world is interconnected, and it is vital for us to partner internationally,” said Gregory L. Fenves, president of UT Austin. “This project is urgently needed. We are ever more dependent on data, and at the same time, ever more conscious of the need to utilize all sources of energy. This important project helps meet those two great needs while engaging our students and faculty in groundbreaking research.”

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