What over 20 million academic credentials exchanged means

Parchment helps learners exchange 20 million academic credentials.


Last week, Parchment, an academic credential management company, facilitated the exchange of its 20 millionth credential request.

For 12 years, millions of learners across the U.S. have relied on Parchment to safely and securely facilitate the delivery of their academic credentials to higher education institutions, employers, licensing boards and other associations.

Chantal Aguirre, a 17-year old from Austin, Texas, marked the 20 millionth credential request when she engaged Parchment to send her Vista Ridge High School transcript to Arizona State University. Aguirre plans to apply to “five or six” colleges and would like to study geography in hopes of one day joining the Peace Corps.

Founded as “Docufide” in 2003, the company began working directly with high schools to facilitate the digital exchange of student transcripts to higher education admissions offices. In its first year, the company exchanged 128 credentials at the request of learners. When Docufide became Parchment in 2011, the company had recently achieved the milestone of one million credentials processed.

Since 2011, Parchment has rapidly grown its institutional member network to include College Registrars and began to build out a system that would support multiple types of academic credentials, beyond eTranscripts. While it took seven years to reach the one million mark, today Parchment is exchanging nearly one million credentials every two months.

“It’s an exciting time to be directly involved in the movement of academic credentials,” said Parchment CEO Matthew Pittinsky, Ph.D. “I am so proud of what the Parchment team has accomplished in partnership with our member schools and universities. We have seen tremendous growth as more and more academic institutions and learners continue to rely on us to safely and securely deliver their credentials to the desired destination.”


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