Canon U.S.A. to offer “mixed reality” student competition at the University of Central Florida.

UCF-reality-canonCanon U.S.A. Inc., a provider of digital imaging solutions, and the University of Central Florida (UCF) recently partnered in the Company’s first collegiate mixed reality competition and mentorship program, in which students brought their virtual designs to life using the Canon MREAL Solution for Mixed Reality.

Starting in February, Canon provided a mixed reality expert to mentor and work with the students bi-weekly throughout the competition, demonstrating the use of mixed reality solutions to advance and develop the future of education.

With the help of the MREAL Solution, the winning team demonstrated the proper emergency response procedures, applying simulated medical emergency response techniques to a physical mannequin with virtual wounds.

Combining the use of physical objects – mannequin and medical tools, with the virtual wounds and patient conditions, the winning team proved how the solution could be used to bring the dynamic, chaotic conditions of a medical emergency for effectively training paramedics and emergency personnel. The demonstration also provided the mixed reality view of a patient’s writhing face on the mannequin. When the correct treatment was applied to the mannequin, the face calmed with life-like reaction.


A UCF student from the winning team demonstrates the MREAL System to simulate the conditions of a medical emergency for training first responders.

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