Odigia comes to market with OpenStax College.

openstax-odigia-courseOdigia has partnered with OpenStax College, an initiative of Rice University, to offer a catalog of interactive courses this fall.

Odigia’s educational platform aims to transform the traditional classroom experience with teaching and learning tools that are designed for college-level learning, and are also used by businesses and non-profit organizations for advanced training.

“We’re not digitizing the traditional learning experience, we’re transforming the entire learning model for students and teachers,” said Joshua Moe, CEO of Odigia. “We support true student engagement and ways for students to progress through content using their own learning styles, at their own pace, using the tools that help them learn best. Odigia also provides teachers with real-time learning data, giving insight into how to best use class time. Traditional learning management systems (LMS) don’t track student learning the way we do, so this is a big breakthrough.”

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