Columbia College will use Georama’s platform to facilitate live-streamed virtual tours in HD for prospective students.


Georama, the real-time travel platform, announced its partnership with Columbia College Chicago to provide live, interactive campus tours for prospective students who can’t make an in-person visit.

Columbia College is the first educational institution in the world to use this technology to enhance their digital marketing efforts. The college has already completed several tours with the new technology and has over 15 tours scheduled for the rest of the summer.

The college broadcasts tours for students who cannot make a physical trip for an on-site visit due to financial or logistical reasons. Viewers include out-of-state students who can’t afford to make a trip to all the universities they are considering, or international students who don’t have a visa to make a trip prior to college admission, and more. By leveraging Georama’s technology, Columbia College is able to give prospective students and their parents the ability to experience a campus tour similar to what they would have received if they had made an in-person visit.

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