Do colleges and universities really teach higher-order thinking?

If higher education is supposed to teach higher-order thinking, then why is the business industry frustrated?

career--critical-businessIn today’s fast-paced economy, employers need new hires who can fail fast, solve problems quickly, and learn continuously. At the core of these abilities are critical thinking and information literacy skills.

But, after completing four years of college, one-third of all college students do not improve their complex reasoning or critical thinking skills. This gap in skills undermines the careers of these young people, stunting their professional growth and preventing them from leading productive and satisfying careers.

The knowledge-driven economy has transformed the business world: ideas and information are now our greatest assets, propelling progress at ever-increasing speeds. Unprecedented amounts of data, the size and scope of which create labyrinths of information, are changing how businesses must operate in order to stay competitive. And these forces are dramatically changing what businesses require in their workforce as well.

From the perspective of employers like me, students are woefully unprepared for this reality.

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