Mellon Foundation grants $2.7 million to UCI for shorter degree time with postdoctoral position in the humanities.

millions-reform-humanitiesThe UC Irvine School of Humanities has received a $2.7 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to fund a pilot program that aims to transform graduate education by streamlining the time to degree, providing full funding throughout the degree program, and establishing a teaching and research position of up to two years for all candidates who complete their dissertation in five years.

UCI said in a statement that it is the first institution to couple a shorter time to degree with postdoctoral appointments to create an integrated program designed to launch humanities scholars successfully into academia and alternative careers.

With 40 percent of UCI humanities Ph.D.s finding tenure-track university positions within three years of completion and more than 80 percent finding full-time employment within the same time frame, the school says it is building upon its strong foundation of graduate program success to lead the national conversation about timely graduate education in the humanities.

“This new partnership between the School of Humanities and the Mellon Foundation is a prime example of how we are pursuing excellence through innovation. UCI has always been known as a leader in the humanities, and this support from the foundation ensures the kind of new thinking that will allow us to maintain that leadership in the years to come,” said Chancellor Howard Gillman.

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