Jenzabar expands suite to support student success

“Jenzabar College Readiness Inventory is the roadmap for us to follow in providing high-quality, effective student success services,” said Jeff McNamara, Director of Student Success at Carroll University. “If there is a red flag, it enables us to ask the right questions to uncover and address the real underlying concerns.”

The Jenzabar College Readiness Inventory is available immediately, as an annual subscription, which allows an institution to deploy the online survey twice a year, for a chosen population or subpopulation. Each deployment consists of a 49-question online survey that takes less than 15 minutes for students to complete. Jenzabar provides professional analysis of the data across a wide spectrum of issues that affect the student experience, as well as an actionable summary data dashboard for the entire school. Complete individual student information reports (scales and averages) are generated with comparisons related to the unique identity of the institution.

Jenzabar’s full Student Success suite now includes: Jenzabar Retention, Jenzabar Early Alerts, Jenzabar Appointments, Jenzabar College Readiness Inventory, and Jenzabar Student Success Strategic Consulting. Jenzabar believes that the best way to promote student retention is to eliminate problems before they start.

Jenzabar’s Student Success tools and services strive to give higher education institutions a clear picture of what each student needs for a successful learning experience during their critical first year and all the way through to completion. By identifying students who are most at risk in key areas, institutions can connect them with relevant campus services before a concern arises.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione

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