Building their new model on an open approach, a university found exceptional student outcomes.

open-model-kaplanSince their launch in fall of 2014, Open College at Kaplan University (OC@KU) has had approximately 4,000 unique learners access their course website, and enrolled in 4,800 courses. 104 have developed portfolios for assessment, and college credit has been issued for 711 courses—translating to what the University says is over $1M in tuition savings at Kaplan University.

And though the current enrollment numbers may not be record-shattering, considering OC@KU relies only on word-of-mouth marketing, and uses an all-open, “Amazon”-like platform, the outcomes are certainly food for thought.

For today’s learners, “the expectation for an educational experience doesn’t differ much from their Amazon experience!” exclaimed Susan Huggins, co-author of a report on OC@KU’s model, and director at the University. “OC@KU represents the power of technology and open resources to increase the personalization and quality of both informal and formal higher education while reducing cost.”

In fact, OC@KU has found so much success in their open approach model, Huggins and Dr. Peter Smith, co-author of the report and president of OC@KU, believe that the model can be used in multiple delivery environments for a number of institutions.

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