University’s new data platform will map student time

Illinois State chooses Informatica to harness analytics around students’ full potential

data-projectInformatica Corporation, an independent provider of data integration software, announced that Illinois State University (Illinois State) has made Informatica the cornerstone of its ability to harness data to enable student success.

Specifically, Illinois State has implemented Informatica PowerCenter as the data integration foundation of its multi-year “LEAPForward” project, which is aimed at optimizing student-oriented business and data processes and providing a platform for business intelligence and analytics to enable student success at the university and beyond.

Illinois State is using Informatica PowerCenter to create:
— A cohesive presentation of each student’s time at Illinois State – PowerCenter is handling the movement, conversion and cleansing of the university’s considerable base of historical student data (biographical, demographical, scholastic, etc.) from its soon-to-be-retired legacy mainframe to its new ERP-based Student System to provide a unified environment for accessing and leveraging student information.
— An enriched data environment for analytics – PowerCenter is also the data integration foundation for Illinois State’s new data warehouse, integrating, transforming and enriching data from multiple sources for use by administrators and staff for business and academic decision-making purposes.

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Laura Ascione