A new report on the state of online learning provides a look into the makings of the digital university of the future.


MOOCs and online learning are must-have’s for tomorrow’s digital university, but their success hinges on personalization and professorial guidance, says a new report.

The massive report, “Preparing for the Digital University: a review of the history and current state of distance, blended and online learning,” has laid out a comprehensive view of online learning along with key insights into where technology-enhanced education might be headed.

Although MOOCs and other online learning methods have grown rapidly in the last few years, there has been lagging research into their operation and effectiveness, say the report’s principal authors, which include George Siemens, PhD, and Dragan Gasevic, PhD, from Athabasca University, as well as and Shane Dawson, PhD, from the University of South Australia.

The articles presented in the report aim to provide a historical overview of research literature in distance education, blended learning, online learning, credentialing, MOOC research, and future learning technology infrastructures through various methods of comprehensive research.

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