Why students are saying community colleges are the future of learning

A new survey presents student perceptions about community colleges.

community-colleges-studentsAlmost 100 percent of community college students surveyed valued these institutions as an “important part of U.S. education system.”

This finding, which highlights the recent rise in community college popularity among U.S. student, is one of many within a new survey conducted by education company Cengage Learning.

The company recently release the findings at the 95th American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Annual Convention, to present what it says is new student data revealing their perspectives on community colleges and how they fit into today’s educational landscape.

Remarkably, of the more than 4,250 students surveyed (a mix of students who currently attend and students who used to attend but have since transferred), an overwhelming majority (98 percent) agreed that community colleges are an important part of the United States’ educational system.

But is this endorsement a surprise, considering the fact that, according to both Cengage Learning’s survey and statements made by President Obama earlier this year, 40 percent of college students in the U.S. choose to attend community college themselves?

“Community colleges are the heartbeat, the backbone of the education system, and we now have the content and technology to make the experience even more effective for today’s students,” said Cengage Learning CEO Michael Hansen. “We need to make sure we have an educated workforce, fit for purpose, and ready to compete in an increasingly global environment. With the majority of new jobs being created requiring some postsecondary education, community colleges are the answer for a large percentage of the student population.”

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