Using UC to transform campus communications

How Unified Communications is critical for the success of mobility in higher education.

communications-unified-educationThere’s an aspect of mobility that has truly been underutilized throughout education, especially for the staff and faculty on college and university campuses. Ironically, it’s the entire reason mobile devices are with us today – mobile communications.

Mobile communications enable a multitude of benefits for educational institutions, providing flexibility that is critical for faculty, staff and students to stay connected, especially during critical times and emergency situations. Unified Communications (UC) enables colleges and universities to take full advantage of these benefits.

Today’s UC phone systems provide powerful mobility tools – expanding the features of a traditional desk phone. Faculty, staff and IT can easily manage calls and update their call availability status. With advanced UC features, users are able to have full visibility into the presence of other colleagues, and can easily check voicemail when away from the office.

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