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Thousands spent to get liberal arts grads into STEM

Tech Institute awarded $632,000 NSF grant to attract liberal arts graduates in software engineering.

stem-liberal-grantThe National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a $632,000 scholarship grant to Stevens Institute of Technology to help fund liberal arts graduates in the software engineering (SwE) master’s degree program.

Supported by the $632,000 grant, this program will consist of 10 required courses, a summer bridge component, an internship and a part-time option for the final semester that allows students to work full -time while attending classes in the evening.  It is set to launch in time for the Fall 2015 semester.

The program aims to help broaden access into STEM professions by creating another pathway specifically for talented liberal arts graduates who are adept in technology.  In addition, the program wants to enhance overall opportunities for students as STEM knowledge and skills are in increasingly high demand throughout the job marketplace.

“This can be a transformative program that gives U.S. citizens, who are potentially under or un-employed with existing student debt, the opportunity to compete for highly rewarding, high-impact STEM jobs, which will benefit the U.S. economy and U.S. society,” said Professor Linda Laird, software engineering program director at the School of Systems and Enterprises (SSE) at Stevens. “In addition, this program answers the national call for more homegrown scientists and engineers.”

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