80 game-based products for higher-ed coming soon

New game-based learning products focus on critical thinking, psychology, science, and more.

game-basedToolwire will launch 80 new game-based learning products in 2015. Covering topics such as writing, student success skills, critical thinking, psychology and environmental science, these games aim to help higher education institutions engage and retain students within core general education courses.

Colleges and universities are increasingly being held accountable for student success and graduation. Of students who attend college, 53 percent struggle to complete their degrees, and 33 percent drop out entirely. Half of all student drops occur in the first 20 units.

Toolwire games aim to support institutions focused on enhancing foundational courses by delivering scalable, personalized learning experiences with built-in formative assessment capabilities, dynamic remediation, and performance analytics that measure outcomes as students build skills and knowledge.

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Laura Ascione