“With the launch of Hero, content costs and comparisons immediately become transparent to faculty for the first time. And with this transparency comes increased content options and reduced costs for students. Textbooks simply shouldn’t cost $300.”

Historically, the higher education textbook decision-making process has been monopolized by publishers who influence most content choices to faculty and bookstores.

Hero provides a platform to display open market conditions, enabling faculty to determine if what a publisher recommends is indeed the optimal choice. Hero also provides students a lens into faculty’s selection process so they can view price-sensitive alternatives to the newest edition of a textbook.

HERO key features and benefits:

  • Full transparency into content decisions between faculty, students, and stores – resulting in more content to choose from, and reduced prices for students
  • Seamless and simple communication between stores and faculty
  • Web module that hooks into the Student Information System and Store POS
  • Content and adoption transparency among faculty members across campus
  • Easily accessible content decision histories between faculty and stores

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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Laura Ascione

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