Acton School of Business’ “Acton On Demand” goes public with completion data that reveals student success depends on relationships.


Acton On Demand (AOD)–a platform for immersive online learning–launched publicly today with powerful student completion data, which the school says is due to peer and mentor relationship building tools.

AOD was launched, says the school, to bring  practical and transformative entrepreneurial training beyond the walls of Acton School of Business. Through the On Demand platform, users can enroll in graduate-level online courses covering the strategies, skills, and step-by-step frameworks that explore what it means to be a successful entrepreneur.

However, what makes the online platform so successful, says the school, with completion rates that dwarf those of MOOCs, is the ability for students to interact with guides and mentors.

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Acton On Demand courses were created by entrepreneur-teachers from Acton’s award-winning MBA program to serve anyone from aspiring entrepreneurs on the path from concept to launch, to practicing entrepreneurs looking for the tools and strategies to help them grow both their business and themselves.

Acton On Demand is also an effective mentorship platform designed to provide the structure, tools, and frameworks for building the kinds of relationships that help entrepreneurs and their businesses grow.

A day in the life at Acton:


For example, stats for completion rate across the AOD platform (in its previous beta manifestation), reveal what the School describes as “the power of relationships in education”:

  • Overall completion rate on a beta of 1,610 people was 24%. For background, the average completion rate of a MOOC is around 5-7 percent (source).
  • Of those signed up with a “Running Partner” (peer) or “Guide” (mentor), completion rates were 41.4 percent and 42.1 percent respectively. (34 percent of beta participants elected to go through courses with one of these relationships in place.)
  • When participants proceeded through the courses with both a Running Partner and Guide, completion rates rose to 46 percent.  (15 percent of beta participants elected to go through courses with both relationships in place.)
  • In comparison, completion rate with no Running Partner or Guide relationship in place was 11 percent.
An AOD screenshot. Copyright: Acton School of Business.

An AOD screenshot. Copyright: Acton School of Business.

“Acton focuses not just on the practical skills required to run a business, but also the leader behind the skills – the entrepreneur him or herself – whose development is the single most important factor in building a thriving business,” said Robin Bruce, Acton CEO. “The Acton On Demand platform is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, to serve users wherever they are in their careers or companies through just-in-time learning experiences tailored to their needs.”

According to Jeff Sandefer, Acton MBA “Master Teacher” and founder or co-founder of nine businesses and not-for-profits, “Acton entrepreneur-teachers have founded over 42 businesses worth over 5 billion dollars. We know how it feels to make decisions that impact families, communities, and often the world. With Acton On Demand, we provide the tools and challenges you’ll need to prepare for the real world tests of launching, growing and eventually selling a business.”

Acton On Demand courses range from eight to 16 weeks and cost $195 to $350, dependant on the course.

For more about Acton On Demand or Acton’s other entrepreneurial education offerings, please visit:

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