School powers online learning platform with relationships

Acton School of Business’ “Acton On Demand” goes public with completion data that reveals student success depends on relationships.


Acton On Demand (AOD)–a platform for immersive online learning–launched publicly today with powerful student completion data, which the school says is due to peer and mentor relationship building tools.

AOD was launched, says the school, to bring  practical and transformative entrepreneurial training beyond the walls of Acton School of Business. Through the On Demand platform, users can enroll in graduate-level online courses covering the strategies, skills, and step-by-step frameworks that explore what it means to be a successful entrepreneur.

However, what makes the online platform so successful, says the school, with completion rates that dwarf those of MOOCs, is the ability for students to interact with guides and mentors.

(Next page: Completion rate data; how the platform works)

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