Student-led TEDx aims to bridge curricular gap

“Kevin and the TEDxBentleyU team have done an incredible job of overcoming logistical challenges to execute an event that truly represents the trans-disciplinary thinking we want Bentley graduates to employ in fusing business with the arts and sciences,” Szymanski says. “I would encourage all students to approach projects with the drive for success and passion for learning I have seen from Kevin and his board.”

The theme for TEDxBentleyU, “coalescence,” signifies the joining of two or more ideas. Derived from Bentley’s mission to blend the arts and sciences with a core business curriculum, Ma explains that the theme offers students the opportunity to hear from a diverse menu of experts on why areas such as sustainability, innovation, and STEM matter to the business world.

“This event is another way to expose Bentley’s student body to new and different ways of thinking and to hopefully inspire them,” Ma says.

The University, which focuses on the world of business, has also taken an interest in their liberal arts program with the objective of exposing students to varying ideas separate from the business curriculum. The goal being, explains the University, to provide more artistic mediums to students in hopes of offering “enhanced mental stimulation, to give birth to unconventional thought processes and to expose students to preexisting ideas in their field to strengthen familiarity.”

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Material from a press release was used in this report.