Report: Faculty weigh in on digital courseware

A new study provides the ed-tech community with some of the only research into postsecondary faculty perspectives on the state of the digital courseware market.

faculty-digital-coursewareA recently released report from Tyton Partners shows that while faculty see great potential in digital courseware, there are still numerous barriers to effective and widespread adoption.

The research study, titled “Time for Class: Lessons for the Future of Digital Courseware in Higher Education, Part 1: Faculty Perspectives on Courseware,” is the first in a three-part series focused on outlining national faculty survey results, institutional decision-making processes and barriers, and recommendations for digital courseware developers.

The study aims to provide an honest look into the challenges digital courseware faces while also proposing opportunities for refinement with the goal of delivering the highest quality of personalized learning at scale.

Amongst mounting pressure in the higher education community to improve the quality and personalization of learning while simultaneously increasing both affordability and accessibility, the report indicates that the rising adoption of digital courseware could prove to be an excellent educational tool, especially if better designed and implemented.

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