New technologies gain traction at notable university libraries

MakerBot center brings 3D printing to UMass Amherst Du Bois Library; connects students, community with 3D printing.

3D-labLibraries throughout the U.S. are implementing new technologies to adapt to the changing habits of the digital age by adding additional services such as wireless internet, e-readers, and tablets.

Technology is also driving a different trend that is redefining the very role that libraries play. By offering access to 3D printing, libraries nationwide are turning into labs of experimentation and innovation for aspiring entrepreneurs, and to help advance creativity for everyone.

To date, MakerBot® 3D Printers and Scanners are in an estimated 500 libraries across the U.S.

UMass Amherst is embracing this concept in an unprecedented way by teaming up with MakerBot to deploy a large-scale 3D printing MakerBot Innovation Center in New England and the first ever at a university library.

The MakerBot Innovation Center at UMass Amherst is located in the Digital Media Lab at the iconic Du Bois Library, which is focused on facilitating project-based learning and innovation on campus and providing this access to the surrounding community.

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Laura Ascione