Not just popular but ACE-approved and accepted for transfers

With over 10 million visitors per month and 10,000 long-time subscribers, the website has achieved a fairly notable degree of popularity, and after being re-launched this month as, the website aims to continue growing its content while keeping the same flexibility for students seeking a new way to combat rising college tuition costs.

“We want to be the best study recourse on the web,” said director of education Jessica Bayliss. “The name is easier to understand and remember, shorter to type in, and hopefully will stay on people’s minds. We’re trying to use the momentum of the switch to to expand our content even further… and continue finding more ways to offer tangible outcomes for students.” decides on the courses they would like to offer, then reaches out to a network of nearly 500 subject matter experts who work together to design the courses specifically for the online medium and its large audience. Only after a lengthy preparation and review process–including extensive fact checking and quality assurance–does a course go live, said the company.

“We look for instructors who ‘get’ this online format,” said long time instructor Jeff Calesero. “Many are referrals or teachers who use the site and apply because they want to try to teach for us. We have a massive amount of info available, including popular courses and lessons, the most well-liked instructors and editing styles, quiz performance, and anecdotal feedback from users. We try to pay attention to all of that and go forward to impact courses…so they are all taught memorably.”

Though is not free to use in itself, for a subscription fee of about $50 per month, students gain access to the website’s full library of over 1,000 courses and 10,000 individual lessons.

Now, 19 courses exclusively on are accepted for credit by the American Council of Education (ACE), and another 30 are currently under review. Students can take these courses at a flexible pace, with many that offer the possibility of completion in under 2 weeks, stretched out over the course of a winter or summer break, or whatever else works for the student.

Upon completion, students take a proctored exam, and if they pass, can submit their scores to more than 2,900 accredited colleges for transfer credit.

“This system is designed to be extremely accessible, and can really help students to afford college in a highly efficient way,” Bayliss said.

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