The new higher-ed STEM: Social, collaborative

Why today’s students must go beyond rocket science; and how it’s a university’s obligation.

engineering-social-fairfieldWhat is the first thing you think of when you think ‘engineering major’? Do you think collaborative; conversational; social media-savvy with a history of experience explaining technical situations in layman’s terms?

It’s ‘the new normal’: Today’s workplace is telling graduates and institutions that simply having a degree oftentimes doesn’t cut it. Non-technical positions are requiring a comfort-level with technology skills. Technical positions are requiring a comfort-level with non-technical skills. This isn’t rocket science. Well, except when it is.

Concurrently, colleges are expected to provide more, for less, to a new-to-us student demographic.

That’s why at Fairfield University’s School of Engineering, a main goal has become infusing students with more than just the school’s traditional social embrace by way of the core.

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