In the release, Brown said “it takes users about five minutes at the beginning of each semester to enter their courses, and a few minutes each week to keep their iAchieveODU updated. The app takes it from there, providing reminders about assignments and other academic deadlines, projections of course grades and overall GPA, a template for creating flash cards, convenient methods for note taking, directions to tutoring that is available on campus and via the internet, reminders about campus events, and achievement badges for students who keep current with their coursework.”

Among its features are an assignment center (to remind students when course deadlines are approaching), a flash card builder (to help in the creation of study aids), a resource center (that links to both tutorial services on the main campus and a variety of Khan Academy videos), and three different methods of notetaking.

iAchieveODU will even help students project their course average and calculate their GPA as they earn badges for reaching semester milestones.

The app, free to ODU students, is available on both iOS and Android platforms:

iAchieveODU became available on the app store early in the Spring 2014 semester. During 2014, it was downloaded more than 1600 times, and it has a 4-out-of-5 stars rating. Comments from users range from “My new favorite app!” to “Has everything I need, located in one app! Genius!” to “I’m a bio major…this makes everything so much easier.”

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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